Vietnamese Bread Introduction

Vietnamese Bread Introduction
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"Bread", a dear name imprinted in the minds of many Vietnamese people, has become the pride of the nation and is one of the representatives of the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine. Through many ups and downs of history, Vietnamese bread has now crossed national borders and left its mark in world cuisine.

Vietnamese Bread: From popular food to the world
The original recipe of the bread is flour mixed with water and yeast, then formed into many different shapes to attract customers. Up to now, the origin and time when bread appeared in the world has not been determined, but there are documents that claim that bread dates from 10 thousand years ago, in the Neolithic era when agriculture. There are many changes. In particular, in this period, people knew how to grow wheat and use it to make cakes. There is also another record of the appearance of bread from more than 30 thousand years ago or in ancient Egypt. Until the early years of BC, the Romans brought bread to France and from the 11th century onwards, this cake gradually became the staple food in this country.

the origin of Vietnamese bread
Baguette bread followed the French colonialists in our country

In Vietnam, the first bread rolls followed the French colonialists to our country in 1859 with the name Baguette bread. At that time, because of economic conditions, bread was only used as a snack. Then, under the hands of talented Vietnamese baker, loaves of bread bearing a very unique Vietnamese personality were born. Initially, there were only a few small but very famous places such as Hoa Ma bread, then the bread continued to be modified to the present size and length. Through many ups and downs in history, today bread has become a special highlight in Vietnamese cuisine.

Today's rustic cakes are sold throughout the streets of big cities to rural areas, making many foreign diners excited. The golden loaves are baked on charcoal to make them crunchy before they are added to make everyone see. People also no longer consider bread as a play food, but bread has become the main dish for all people, it is both delicious and cheap and very convenient.

introduction of Vietnamese bread
For a long time, people no longer consider their cakes as "play" food (Photo: Internet).

Not only famous in the country, Vietnamese bread is also loved in many countries around the world. More proudly, on March 24, 2011, the word "bread" was added to the Oxford dictionary, which is among the top sandwiches in the world. Not only that, National Geographic magazine also once praised Vietnamese Banh Mi as one of the 11 best street food ... Especially, in 2018, Hoi An sandwiches were recognized by CNN as "King of sandwiches. in the world ”and most recently, on 24/3/2020 Vietnamese bread continues to be honored when it is on the interface of Google homepage in more than 10 countries.

famous Vietnamese bread in the world

Ingredients for making bread

What surprised the world diners when enjoying the Vietnamese bread is the wonderful taste created by the very rustic and close ingredients. The beauty of the Vietnamese is that in the simplicity still exuding sophistication, from the most ordinary ingredients, when combined together, a famous and famous delicious bread is produced beyond the borders of the country. family.

The main ingredients to make VIETNAMESE Banh Mi are animal meat processed into sausage, pork pies, pork belly, roasted pork, liver Pate, minced meat with spices, sausage ... There are also eggs, fish. sardines, shredded chicken, onion fat, cold meat, butter ... Traveling around the three regions of the country, you will find that each region will have its own distinctive bread flavor, but it is also delicious everywhere, sobbing the hearts of real bags. guest.

Vietnamese bread

However, a delicious loaf of bread is not only meat but also needs to have sliced ​​cucumbers, pickles, coriander, onions, scallions, basil ... and especially indispensable "divine sauce. "To bring out the famous rich flavor. Many places do not make sauces, then use soy sauce, salt and pepper, fish sauce, soup powder ... instead, add a little mayonnaise or chili sauce, that's all, there is a loaf of bread to make "sob" the heart of many people.

the best sandwiches in Vietnam

The loaves full of meat, pickles, cucumbers, cilantro ... caught the hearts of many diners (Photo: Internet)


How to prepare bread

Bread must be crispy then cut a line along the body, then pate is spread, filling in turn, finally pouring sauce over it is complete. Although the simple cooking method is that, when looking at the gentle hands of the girls selling all of the meat, adding vegetables and then pouring sauce, you will be difficult to hold back with this familiar cake. Each ingredient is added to the loaf of bread, contributing to the delicious taste of the simple and dear dish.

the recipe for making Vietnamese standard bread
The way of making bread is simple and fast but the taste is impeccable (Photo: Internet)

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