Vietnamese Broken Rice

Vietnamese Broken Rice
Date Submitted: 24/03/2021 10:57 AM

Broken rice - Sai Thanh specialties
Broken rice is a specialty dish of people in the South. It is popular in many regions, especially Saigon. Currently, broken rice dish is present in all provinces of the country and abroad. Broken rice is made from broken seeds, fried eggs, egg rolls, sausages. Broken rice is often used for breakfast but people also enjoy it
sometimes at noon or in the evening.

Origin of
Broken rice first appeared in the old regime period in Vietnam. It can be considered the quintessence of Vietnamese and American cuisine. Since ancient times, broken rice was originally a popular dish only for the poor working class or students. People try to make use of the broken grains (broken rice grains) in the milling process to cook them into rice. Ironically, today, people have to spend effort to crush rice grains to process them into broken rice for 10 million Saigonese. Along with grilled spring rolls, pancakes, broken rice is one of the most typical dishes of the land of Saigon.


Nowadays, people have to find a way to break the rice grain to get ingredients to make broken rice. Processing broken rice is also not a simple task, it requires a lot of experience and ingenuity. The best way to cook broken rice is to use firewood, clay pot or cast iron pot. But there are also some easier ways to cook that still retain the essence of broken rice, which is to soak the plate in clean water for a few hours and then steam it until cooked. When the lid of the pot has not been opened, one can feel the aroma emanating from the rice cooker.

Ingredients of broken rice

Broken rice is made from broken rice grains, also known as grade 2 rice. In the past, this type of rice was often used only for feeding chickens or for the working class. But today, broken rice has affirmed its attractiveness and reached out to the world, so these broken grains are also valued at a higher price.

Fish sauce

Fish sauce is prepared very meticulously

Eating standard broken rice is to have characteristic fish sauce. This type of fish sauce is prepared separately, mainly fish sauce, filtered water and added sugar. The sweetness of fish sauce depends on the taste of each person. Sometimes people also add garlic, chili to fish sauce to enhance the flavor.

Dish together

Nowadays, broken rice is no longer a popular dish, so the dishes with broken rice are also very diverse including grilled ribs, sausages, omelets, squids, sausages, small commercial.


The ribs are seasoned and processed, looking very eye-catching

Pork ribs are seasoned very well by chefs, then they are grilled. Normally, in Saigon, the owners often bring ribs to grill in front of the restaurant, the scent of the barbecue will spread and stimulate the passersby, making them want to stop and enjoy the delicious broken rice. .


Cha is processed very sophisticatedly and meticulously

Also known as egg pies is made from eggs, minced meat and some other spices. The egg roll is cut at an angle in a rectangle or circle.

Taree: is a mixture of many things that look like pork skin is shredded and mixed with hearing and other spices.


Eggs served with broken rice are usually peach eggs

Usually omelet is also an indispensable side dish.

In addition to the above ingredients, broken rice is also often served with onion fat, fat or some sour things like radish, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, papaya.

On August 1, 2012 in Faridabad, India, Saigon broken rice and 9 other Vietnamese dishes were honored by an Asian record organization as one of the best dishes in Asia.