The Art Of Pho, Pho viet tai cannada, pho ngon o canada, cac mon an viet tai canada

About us
PHO – Unique National Dish of Vietnam . Vietnamese people have always been proud to introduce to international friends the rich and unique cuisine of their country. In those traditional dishes, one cannot help but mention Pho

At The Joy Of Pho, diners can experience a taste full of homeland reminiscent of memories at home. Whether it is a sophisticated barbecue plate or a bowl of bold stone pho, we always show our meticulousness and passion for each dish that is made, with the desire to give customers an unforgettable experience when set foot in The Joy Of Pho
The Joy Of Pho is one of the most beautiful and flavorful Vietnamese restaurants in Canada
The Joy Of Pho is very pleased to serve you diners and is a place to store the wonderful moments of each person.
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